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AR-15 Patterned Handguards (13 Patterns, all Cerakote Colors)

Ships within 10 business days

AR-15 Patterned Handguards (13 Patterns, all Cerakote Colors)

Turn your AR into art!

These stunning, free-floating hand guards wont just make your AR-15 or M4 stand out, they are also built to perform!  They're precision-machined to provide a rock-steady platform that securely and accurately indexes all your rail attachments.


  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes proprietary mounting system
  • Fits any mil-spec 556 upper receiver or DPMS style 308 upper
  • Pre-drilled and tapped full length for tac rail on top and bottom (screw size 10/32)
  • Barrel nut (.556) is included (any armorer's wrench will work)
  • Color is Cerakote 

Patterns: Click on the main image thumbnail to enlarge it. Scroll through the images using the scroll arrows. You'll see a caption identifying each pattern. Please note: Many handguards are shown against a heat shield or colored paper background in order to best show you the handguard pattern. You are buying the handguard only. Get the heatshield here

Size: Lengths available - 7" ($175), 9" ($225), 12" ($250) or 15" ($275)

Handguard diameter: Inside diameter of handguard is 1.75". This will work with any low-profile gas block.

Weight: Weight varies slightly depending on the design. But 12" handguards are roughly 8-9 oz, 15" handguards are roughly 10-11 oz. The barrel nut is 4.5 oz. 

Installation: Includes barrel nut and mounting screw. Easy to install with any AR-15 armorer's wrench, but hardware & wrench are available as optional add-ons if you need them. 

Optional Barrel Nut Wrench: This wrench is used to tighten the inner steel nut of both the AR-15 and.308 barrel nut. It is made of steel include’s 1/2″ and 3/8″ opening for your torque wrench of choice.

Single Color/No Color: There's no extra cost if you choose your handguard Raw (ready for color) or Cerakote Armor Black.

Want a different color? The choice is yours! ALL Cerakote colors are available as an optional extra (+$35 per color) - we must have the Cerakote color number, so please locate that using the button link below.  Click the button to view all color swatches on Cerakote's site. Then just enter your desired color name & number in the field provided. If you need input or advice, get in touch or ask us to contact you to discuss and to ensure that your custom handguard turns out exactly as you envision it! if we have questions about your instructions, we'll call you before processing your order. 

Multi-Color Option: You also have the option to create a multi-color custom look by combining any number of colors together. Scroll through the pics to get ideas!

PLEASE NOTE: Black is only included in the handguard price if your handguard is one solid color (ie. standard Armor Black). If black is incorporated into a multi-color design, this requires custom application and black is no longer included. It becomes one of your custom color selections. 

There are different ways to accomplish multi-color application:

1. Main Color & Cut Edge Color:

  • Suitable for 2 colors only
  • Make your two color selections, and let us know in the notes box which one is your main color & which one is going on the cut edge (see example below)  



2. Mottled Multi-Color Application

  • Best suited to 3 or more colors, but can be done with two.
  • Just list your color selections in the notes box - there is no specific placement of each color, they will all run into each other (see example below)



3. Red, White & Blue Flag

  • On the "We the People" and "Freedom" handguards, you have the option of a 3-color application to make the flag red, white and blue.
  • Just list your color selections and let us know in the notes box that this is what you want (see example below)


RETURNS: Once you add any color, your handguard becomes non-returnable. Only Raw or Armor Black Handguards are returnable. If you purchase a color upgrade and then decide to change colors after your handguard has been painted, we can do that, but paint already applied is not refundable and each new color will be charged at the standard per color cost, ie. $35 per color. 


** Important! Color-Matching - Please note that if you already have colored parts that you are trying to match your handguard to, achieving a precise color match will be tricky. Even if the same color is used, Cerakote formulas can have variations from supplier to supplier, leading to slight but noticeable color differences. We suggest trying to complement or contrast colors rather than matching. Alternatively, have all parts Cerakoted together - either get your handguard raw (no color) for Cerakoting elsewhere, or talk to us about sending in your parts to have them Cerakoted along with your handguard. 

Airsoft: These handguards will fit your AirSoft as well, if it has a standard mil spec threaded upper - the standard is 1.250″ x 18 tpi. 

Need tactical rail? Six lengths are available, designed specifically to fit these handguards. Get it here. 

Made in the USA - lifetime warranty. 


ITAR RESTRICTED ITEM: Unfortunately, the handguards are regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and cannot be shipped to addresses outside the domestic United States. 





Mounting Instructions and Tips:

Step 1) Once you have the old free float-tube and/or barrel nut removed, clean any grease or oil from the threads of the upper receiver extension.

Step 2) Apply a drop or two of blue LocTite® to the receiver threads and screw the large aluminum barrel-nut on until it stops, then back it off until the gas tube holes line up.

Step 3) Insert the barrel and slide the steel castle bolt over the barrel and thread it into the aluminum barrel-nut; now, use a punch to to keep the gas tube holes aligned.

Step 4) With the punch inserted in the gas tube holes turn the steel castle bolt by hand until you get a good, solid hand-tight alignment with the barrel-nut and receiver. Once you have the two aligned, let it set for a 2-24 hours; after the blue LocTite® has cured between the barrel-nut and receiver, the steel insert and barrel can be removed.

Step 5) For final assembly insert the barrel, thread the steel castle bolt into the barrel-nut and once it is finger tight, back it off three or four turns and place a drop of blue LocTite® on the threads of the steel insert, right where it becomes visible out of the barrel-nut.

Step 6) Now torque the steel insert down to desired torque. This can all be accomplished with or without the use of punch in the gas tube but the barrel-nut can move while you are torquing the steel castle nut, and then you will have to loosen it up and re-time it.  We recommend using the punch to ensure proper timing.

Step 7) Once you have installed the gas tube, slide the handguard onto the barrel nut and aligned the 6 radial holes with the corresponding holes in the barrel-nut, the 6 countersunk screws can be installed. For 308 barrel nuts it is important that screws are installed in the proper location TOP,MIDDLE, BOTTOM - Inserting screws into the wrong hole will damage the barrel nut.  Tighten until snug. DO NOT over tighten.  Stripped screws are not covered by the warranty.




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Product Reviews

  1. Quality work! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2017

    Quick shipping, quality work, very happy with this purchase and will be making another purchase soon!

  2. Very creative handguard 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2017

    The Lotus Dragon handgaurd was very high quality, and a great step in "girling up" my wife's AR. She's very happy with the result, so I'm very happy. :-D The concept of catering to women shooters is great! There are more women getting involved in sitting doors all the time, so they need some attention like this. I also liked the look of some of your other stuff for me (next time).

  3. Absolutely beautiful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2017

    I love the colors and design

  4. Greay Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jan 2017

    Excellent service and craftsmanship

  5. Awesome product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2016

    I was a little skeptical, as I have never had a custom handguard before. Let me just say this...this is an awesome product. Well build, the cerekote came out great. It was easy to install with clear instructions. Customer service is top notch! I highly recommend this, or any other handguard from gungoddess.com. Definitely will be ordering again.

  6. Wife loves it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2016

    Well-built product. Pictures don't do it justice. Was concerned that there may be some structural concerns with so much surface area removed to create the pattern, but it is not the case. Cerakote application done very well by someone with a keen eye for detail. Well-worth the price.

  7. More than meets the eye 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Dec 2016

    The handguard is just wow, the pictures on the page hardly do it justice. I bought the lotus dragon guard and its all i hoped and more. Its a bit lighter than anticipated but a very welcome surprise. I had it cerakoted in the robins egg blue (tiffany blue) and with the black heat shield it just pops. Very easy intall, did on a new build.

  8. Hand guard 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2016


  9. Exceptional quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2016

    I've had to decide if I would dress my work gun with the custom handguard and shield or use it as a show piece for my gun shop... It's now on display. Awesome job.

  10. Amazing detail 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2016

    I haven't completed my customization but I have received the hand guard. It is a great quality piece an the color and detail are fantastic. It came fairly quick, the only reason I didn't go 5 stars was I would have liked a little more communication. I was kind of guessing about order status. Definitely recommend!

  11. Filigree Handguard STUNNING!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Aug 2016

    Absolutely beautiful.. My wife is going to love it.
    Athena, is top notch. Goes above and beyond to take care of her customers.
    Will certianly buy from them again..

    U.S. ARMY

  12. Gorgeous!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2016

    I ordered the the AR-15 Lotus Dragon handrail in robin egg blue and tungsten grey. Words cannot explain how gorgeous this piece is! The pictures do not do it justice! I received a phone call the following business day to make sure the order was correct. I confirmed, and the product showed up at my door faster than I expected. Not only am I beyond in LOVE with my new handrail, but this company was fantastic to buy from. I felt extremely valued as a customer! I cannot wait to buy more from them!

  13. Extremely Satisfied!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th May 2016

    I bought the lotus dragon 15" hand guard in prison pink and silver. Unbelievable quality and craftsmanship. I was trying to match the color of magpul pink and the receiver & lower from another website. PERFECT match and what a beautiful piece. The photo's on Gun Goddess are nice but the piece is even more impressive in person. Could not be more satisfied. Great customer service. Shipped on time and packaged great. Will do business again. Thank you very much!

  14. Best Handguard Ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2016

    I bought the lotus dragon handguard in 12" length. I also bought rails for it from Gun Goddess (see my rail review). I chose Bright Purple Cerakote because my wife loves purple and I thought the picture on the website was great. When I chose the color, I also provided the Cerakote number designation for the color because I was going to have other items Cerakoted to match. I should have ordered the handguard raw and unfinished because it arrived and looked darker than the picture on the website. I figured it was just lighting and I had the rifle Cerakoted locally with the same color (I also provided the local guy with the color name and number designation). When I got the rifle back, everything that I had coated locally looked like the picture on the website and the guard is in fact darker and does not match. I am a little disappointed in the color, but I knew better and took the risk in the interest of saving a little time. I will buy another one for my next build, but I will have everything coated together. All in all, the guard still looks awesome and is the focal point of the gun.

  15. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Apr 2016

    Very unique!! Easy assembly. I get alot compliments on it

  16. Unique and down right awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2016

    The molon labe hand guard is awesome. The assembly was easy and instructions easy to follow. I recamend the Gun Goddess hand guards to every one I know. There is no others out there like them. I love it. Thank you Gun Goddess.

  17. Awesome Free Float Tube 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2015

    WOW! I just had to get the 15" White "we the people" tube! Fourth tube I ordered. These match my lowers spot on! Already complete other three and these are the only ones I will order now!

  18. super nice free float 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2015

    quality free float but did take a little adjusting toget perfectly straight. other than that it is perfect

  19. Perfect Match 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2015

    I had a few builds under my belt when I found this site! I have some custom colors and when I saw I could get these in Cerakote also I had to get the matching "we the people" free float tubes!

    OMG !!! I will be getting more!

    Totally awesome and perfect match!

  20. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2015

    I've been eye balling the GunGoddess Swirl handgaurd for months. I finally bought it to put on my new AR. I got the 15" since my AR is 16" barrel. It's stunning in more ways than one. Had countless compliments from everyone who has seen it. I can't say enough how much I LOVE this piece on my rifle.... Wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

  21. Love Mine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2015

    My AR had been in the works for over a year and I could not find the right handguard that caught my eye until these came out. I loved that I had so many different options to choose from to make it my own. I picked the lotus dragon and it turned out great. Thanks again for bringing such a great product to your store.